The Münster city is located in the northwest of Germany and exactly in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Spread over 302.95km², Münster has close to 300,000 inhabitants, among which are about 300 Cameroonians. The Cameroonian community is strongly represented. With just over 50,000 students, including 130 Cameroonian students, the city of Münster is one of the largest university cities in Germany.

Both in Germany and in the world, Münster is characterized by a large number of bicycles. We speak of more bicycles than inhabitants, about 500,000. But the attractiveness of the city of Münster lies above all in the quality of education in its universities and the appropriate conditions for foreign students (part-time jobs, modern student rooms at a good price, etc.). Thanks to the Semester Ticket, students from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia can travel for few fees all over the state by public transport.

  • Schloss Universität Münster

  • Münster Promenade

  • Botanischer Garten Münster

  • St.-Paulus-Dom Münster

  • Wochenmarkt Münster

In 2008, Cameroonians, who wanted to meet regularly and work together, founded an association called ASEC e.V. Münster within this large city of Münster. This association has meanwhile more than 70 members and would like to be the mirror of the Cameroonian culture in Münster.

Since its founding, ASEC e.V. has been presenting a variety of culture of the country in Münster through many Cameroonian culture days. The association helps local compatriots with administrative issues (especially at the immigration office) and newcomers to integrate easily in the city.

It is with great joy and enthusiasm, therefore, to receive Cameroonians from all over the world, who come for a weekend exchange and spend good times together.

The Address: 1. FC Gievenbeck 1949 e.V., Gievenbecker Weg 200, 48149 Münster, Germany