The Challenge Camerounais has become one of the largest gatherings in the African Diaspora worldwide in recent years. The objective of this event, which was mainly dedicated to sport from the beginning in 1992, has been complemented over the years by the growing interest and ever greater rush in cultural aspects. In 2006, when the CC stopped off in Bremen, the Business Social Forum (BSF) was launched. Only with this event the challenge has proved that he could meet the heterogeneous structure of the Cameroonian Diaspora – in view of their growing share of highly qualified employees and entrepreneurs.

The BSF is an exchange platform around the topics “social” and “business” within the “Challenge Camerounais”. True to the motto “combining the pleasant with the useful”, this event with more than 500 participants is enjoying ever greater popularity. The potential and the role of the diaspora are particularly in the foreground, because they are often forgotten in development cooperation – despite their important role as a bridge “between two worlds”.

Topic, Motivation and Goals

The shift in the Cameroonian diaspora from a predominantly student group to a diversified conglomeration of highly skilled professionals, entrepreneurs, athletes, students and more goes hand in hand with new questions and priorities. In fact, an exchange within the community as well as a strong interaction with their adopted country Germany are indispensable for their integration and development. Strategic development of the BSF is therefore important to master these new challenges.

The developing country Cameroon, with 4.4% growth in 2011, has one of the highest rates among Central African countries. This comparable good economic situation and the resulting forecast for the next few years testify to a momentum that currently prevails in the country. In addition to many government projects, there is a good development in the private sector. The great interest of foreign investors is proof that the country offers many investment opportunities economically.

According to information from the Federal Statistical Office, 5,783 Cameroonian students were enrolled at German universities in the winter semester 10/12. They represent the largest group of all African students in Germany. With 718 students who passed their final exams in 2011 alone. The large number of Cameroonian engineers or doctors practicing their profession in Germany confirms this finding and shows that the Cameroonian community in Germany is one of the most industrious in the world. Now the legitimate question arises what the role of this community can be with regard to the further development of the home country. How can each and every one be part of the dynamic growth process that is currently happening in the country?

Infos & Tips

Here you will find all useful information about our event from June 07 to June 09 in Münster summarized:

  • All sports activities will take place on the grounds of 1. FC Gievenbeck 1949 e.V. at the following address: Gievenbecker Weg 200, 48149 Münster.
  • The Open Air Festival will also take place on the grounds of 1. FC Gievenbeck.
  • For reservations of hotel rooms or holiday apartments, follow the link of the city of Münster.
  • The registration of your children for the children’s program can be processed under the following link.
  • Would you like to donate for our compatriots from North and South-West Cameroon? You can do that under this link.

We will grateful for that!

Preliminary program BSF 2019

Saturday 08 June 2019

  • 1:45 – 2:00 PM: Opening of Business Social Forum 2019
  • 2:00 – 2:45 PM: Presentation of Arbeitsamt Münster
  • 3:00 – 3:45 PM: Presentation of Techniker Krankenversicherung TK
  • 3:45 – 4:30 PM: Presentation of Allianz Versicherung (Life Insurance)

Open Air

  • Stand Arbeitsamt
  • Bewerbungscoaching with Cameroonians Experts in many professional fields

Sunday 09 June 2019

  • 12:00 – 12:20 PM: Presentation of Diaspora 237
  • 12:25 – 12:50 PM: Presentation of SOBA Foundation e.V.
  • 1:00 – 1:20 PM: Presentation of CIM Centre for international Migration and Development
  • 1:30 – 3:00 PM: Challenge Diaspora (Talks between Cameroonian Associations in Germany, Entrepreneurs, Workers and Challengists etc.)

Open Air

  • Bewerbungscoaching with Cameroonians Experts in many professional fields

In an attempt to answer such questions,instructive discussions would be held during the Business Social Forum of the 26th edition of the Challenge Camerounais with the motto “Together for the transformation” and with the main theme “An integrated Cameroonian diaspora: Improving partnerships for innovation and sustainable development”.

The following groups of people and circles are involved in this project:

  • Scientists, researchers and engineers living in Germany
  • Experts, program and project managers from German, Cameroonian and African companies, as well as from business and politics
  • Associations of the Cameroonian diaspora in Germany
  • Young students and professionals who have the potential to successfully participate in maintaining the country’s growth process
  • University and research institutions from Germany and Africa
  • Decision-makers from the German and Cameroonian / African economies and politics
  • Company, entrepreneur, NGO from Germany
  • Company, entrepreneur, NGO from Cameroon
  • Cameroonian Diaspora

For any inquiry about Business & amp; Social Forum, please kindly contact us at the following email address:

Partners & Sponsors

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