Children’s Village / Children’s Program

Price: 5 Euro / day / child
date: Saturday 08-06 and dawn 09-06
Time: 12: 00-18: 00
Workshop (make-up, “Do IT Yourself”, painting)
Games (Musical Chair, pimpon With dishes)
Open Air Activities (Soccer, Relay Race, Water Bomb, Team Games, Inflatable Castle)
Cinema (movie projection for children)
Horse riding (2 horses)

Address: 1. FC Gievenbeck 1949 e.V., Gievenbecker Weg 200, 48149 Münster

Previously …

In Münster this year we want to give the children the opportunity to enjoy the challenge as well as the parents. So we have put together an attractive colorful program for you.

Various attractions such as trampoline, children’s swing, children’s cinema, Playstation, football, can throw, disco (from 8 years), face painting are planned. A children’s entertainment is also offered. The children will have the opportunity to be entertained by different artists. Invited are clowns, pantomime, jugglers, magicians, children’s circus magicians, interactive circus, puppet theater, children’s theater, storytellers, (African fairy tales) stories, readers, soap bubbles artists.
For children who like to talk creatively, they will have a creative corner to paint, draw and do handicrafts.
Other children’s games like the Journey to Jerusalem (Chair Dance), Let the Robbers Walk (Passe Pompon), Egg Race (The Classic Relay Game with a Tennis Ball or Egg on a Big Spoon), A Blind Chicken (Blindfolded or in the Water According to Candy Instructions, Collecting chips with the mouth), Newspaper Dancing, the opposite – common (It should always form couples who have something contrary or common), Heaven and Hell: Pousse-pion, Bobby’s Car Race, Seilspring (Saute à la corde), and the Middle (Doshi).
Children under the age of 3 will be dealing with balls as part of a bath. Admission is free for children under 3 years old accompanied by their guardians. The price to pay depends on the number of registered children (from 3 years old ):
The safety of your children will be of course taken care of
The whole program will take place in a closed fence with camera tracking. A professional security staff is provided to secure the entry and exit. Each child will be given a nominated colored bracelet for identification.
It could only work if you also participate as a parent. Please contact with the following information:
Child’s name,
Parents and the period.
The whole program will be on Saturday from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm and on Sunday from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Please note that you should pick up your children on time, otherwise a fine may be punishable!