What’s adorsys ?

We see ourselves as an innovative, agile and demanding software company and the requirement to contribute individually with our own strengths. Virtual workstations, a home office and a distinctive team spirit are mostly part of our repertoire as well as the inner fire to always give its best.

We take over the development and architecture of software solutions based on state-of-the-art technologies and methods.

We develop native apps for smartphones, tablets and wearables. Whether Swift or Kotlin, we attach great importance to quality assurance and continuous delivery. Meanwhile, we are open to new technologies and we constantly question the status quo.

As an interface between development and operation, we take over the commissioning of software solutions. We ensure the operation of application servers as well as web, database and middleware technologies. We focus on application virtualization and continuous integration with Docker/OpenShift.

We design and implement Conversational Interfaces based on Alexa, Google Assistant or Rasa NLU in the agile development process. Based on a prototyping toolchain, we implement sophisticated user-centric application scenarios.